Cherry Tomatoes

One of our biggest crops we grow each year, our cherry tomatoes are known for being supremely flavorful and perfectly ripe. This summer we are growing about 11 different varieties, ranging from large "cherry" varieties to smaller "grape" varieties and other popular favorites like sun golds and sweet 100's. Our cherry tomatoes are all harvested and packed by hand. We retail our cherry tomatoes under the sub-brand "Hungry Hollow", a name coined by the early farmers in this region to describe the unique micro-climate of the area we grow in. Keep an eye out for our new 100% recyclable cardboard pint baskets in stores near you!


Can be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight for up to 1 week. If you plan to keep them longer, quality may degrade, but putting them in the refrigerator as soon as possible will lengthen their life.


  • High in vitamins: A, B6, C, K
  • Great source of: protein, fiber, lycopene, potassium, folate