Heirloom Tomatoes

Nothing says summer more than a big, juicy, colorful heirloom tomato! We love growing these beauties out in the fields. We grow a handful of varieties that we have decided on after years of trials, testing, and tasting to determine what are the most flavorful, consistent and resilient in our growing region and soils. Just like the cherry tomatoes, we aim to harvest as close to full ripeness as we can while still providing you with an intact, quality tomato to take home. Grown in our certified organic soils, with buried drip, our heirlooms taste as good as they look.

*Tip: Heirloom tomatoes are perfect to eat when they yield to slight pressure, but should not feel mushy.



  • High in Vitamins: A, K, C (roughly 40% of recommended daily intake!)
  • Great source of: protein, fiber, lycopene, potassium, folate


Can be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight for up to 1 week but we recommend eating within 1-2 days of purchase.