Philosophy & Practices

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To us, it's simple: We believe growing food should not come at the cost of hurting our workers or the ecological systems around us.


We believe farming should work in conjunction with the natural world, not against. With every decision we make on the farm, we keep in mind our long term goal of leaving the land better than how we found it. How do we do this? Generally speaking, we do so by returning to the soil equal or greater of that which we use from the soil to grow our crops. We look for innovative, organically-approved methods for treating our weed, pest, and nutrition problems. We plan ahead, and employ preventative practices whenever and wherever we can. We adopt methods that allow us to conserve resources when possible. We pay our employees fairly for their hard work and expect a high caliber of professionalism and care in return. Ultimately we work daily to create a farm and workplace that we not only can feel good about, but that provides real (tasty) results.

See below for more details about how we farm.

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Pest Management

Pest management is just that-- learning to live and work in an environment where some sort of balance is maintained.


Soil Fertility

Understanding which nutrients are being used and replacing them in the soil reservoir is the basis of good farming practices.

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Water is a precious resource on our planet and we have taken steps to conserve its use on our farm.

Food Safety

We are GAP & GMP w/HACCP certified thorugh SCS Global Services. Click below to see our certificate and learn more.