Food Safety

Food Safety is taken very seriously here at Durst Organic Growers. We take every necessary step to ensure that our workers are educated and working with respect to current state and federal regulations, as well as sanitation and hygiene protocols. We have developed an extensive Food Safety Plan specifically for our farm, and are certified by a 3rd party auditor, SCS Global Services. 


But, what does it mean?

To be GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified means that we comply with food safety practices set by the FDA and SCS Global Services (a globally recognized certifiying agency) as the basis to a safe, clean, and contaminant-free growing and packing operation. We undergo a complete, in-person audit of our facilities, paperwork, labor practices, etc. Elements of the plan include assessment of our fertilizers, water sources, hygiene practices, facilities, produce handling and packing, and more.

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