Customer Feedback


We love hearing from our customers--thank you for reaching out to us! Below are just some of the messages we have received over the past few months. We encourage others to reach out if they have any comments, questions, or concerns with our produce. Thanks - The Durst Team


Dr. Princetta


I am 65; 100% Italian making tomatoes part of my DNA. The Durst tomatoes I recently purchased could very well be the best I have ever tasted.

Thank You



Jamila K.


Deborah and Jim,

I LOVE your produce so much I had to say thank you! The cutest container ever for those GREAT organic mini cherry tomatoes make me smile! I only reach out to companies that have great products and in your case, great packaging!! I'm having fun reusing the cute little cartons. I'm eating a handful of the tomatoes as I write this. It is hard to save them for my salads, they are so good.

Keep up the good work and thanks to all at Durst.




Dear Durst folks,

My husband and I recently bought a pint of orange cherry tomatoes from Gus's Market in San Francisco.  I am just writing that in addition to enjoying the delicious tomatoes, I really appreciated that they came in a cardboard container as opposed to the green, unrecyclable plastic.

Kudos to you!  It's the little daily things that add up, and I appreciate this detail and will definitely look for your tomatoes again next time I'm at the store.

Happy Summer!



Claudia S.


Dear Dursts,

At age 73 this is a first:  a fan letter about tomatoes!  

Your Hungry Hollow organic cherry tomatoes purchased at Raley’s Market here in Roseville (Sacramento area) are the best I have had in years. Each one pops with juice and flavor. I originally bought a box because they were on sale and looked good. Today I made a special trip back to the store to buy 3 more boxes because of their superior taste. Another thing I appreciate about them is the thin skins that pop so easily when eaten. It seems that more and more cherry type tomatoes have thick skins and get “chewy”……not what a tomato should be.

The tomatoes are on the counter, in my inherited Waterford crystal bowl, to admire before being eaten…..which happens throughout the day, they are a healthy delicious snack. Looking at them today, I decided I need another trip to the store for a few boxes to roast.

Keep them coming!



Jacqueline L.



Hello Durst Family,

My wife and I bought three pints of your little tomatoes yesterday, here in Venice California, and we LOVE them. They are simply the most flavorful little tomatoes we have ever had. (And that's big praise coming from an Italian!)

Thank you and your farm for such lovely produce!